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We are your Denver SEO Experts! Being a Search Engine Optimization Specialist, typically means ‘being able to wear many hats…comfortably’. A great SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization, truly understands
what needs to be done, has an ongoing list of powerful resources and is up to date with the constant changes in search algorithms. My name is Liz Pineda, and that definition (as you might imagine), pertains 100% to us here at Level Up Consulting. I founded this company on the principal that every business deserves an equal shot at operating on a level playing field. We make it possible for small and local businesses to join the ranks of the elite, atop the world’s most used and most powerful search tool: Google.

Here at Level Up Consulting, we understand the importance of measurable results. If you don’t see and feel a Return on Investment, then it wasn’t truly an investment…it was a gamble. When it comes to the results you desire, hiring a company with potent resources can make all the difference. We allied with a private group (think of it as a Mastermind group) of the absolute best SEO experts in the world. We collectively monitor thousands of sites, hundreds of thousands of links and keywords in almost every niche imaginable. This gives us an overwhelming advantage of being able to continually monitor search engine results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and get notified as soon as the slightest algorithm change is taking affect. Did you know that Google made an estimated 600 changes to their algorithm in 2015. That number is on the rise.

We also understand that In order for businesses to thrive, getting leads is absolutely mandatory. When a person responds to a television or radio ad, today they are pulling out their smartphone and doing a quick keyword search to find the nearest location carrying the product that they are interested in. Proper keyword search and optimization, and then ranking your site for the most popular keywords your customers are searching for is a given. Our in-depth keyword analysis often returns keywords that your competitors wouldn’t think to try and rank for uncover. These are hidden gold mines for our clients.

Through skilled analysis and ethical best practices, we are able to provide our clients with long lasting results. Results that do not include de-indexing or penalties by Google. In fact, beware of SEO companies out there that charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to provide a cookie cutter solution or packages. You and I know that Your business has unique challenges, unique competitors, unique needs and with the latest Google update those businesses that use these types of SEO companies are running a high risk of being de-indexed, get penalties by Google or get swept to page two (or lower) and, let’s face it nobody is going beyond the first page to find what they’re looking anymore.

if your site has been hit with a Google penalty (because perhaps you tried to do it yourself or hire a cheap SEO), we invite you to contact us for a quick consultation. We can provide you with tips and strategies to get your site back to its natural position, or we could do the heavy lifting and grunt work for you. Either way, engaging with business owners and helping them solve problems is our passion.

When you are ready to take your business to the next level, Level Up and call us at 720-277-9134, or take the complimentary competitor analysis and try one of our services at absolutely no charge.

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