Seo link building beginner tutorial – Weebly seo the easy way


Weebly seo link building tutorial for beginners – The easy way

To follow up with my Weebly SEO tutorial – How to build and rank high a free website, you can find it here this is a video that explains how I found backlinks from high authority websites.

Please note : This is a quick easy way to start building your backlinks but not the only one strategy you should use. I am using this method to rank a « rank and rent » website for a local company. I usually start this to diversify my anchor text or get citations. I strongly recommend to use other link building strategies. However, if you are in low competition niche it could be enough to place yourself on the first page.

Most of these websites are my competitors. You need to look at each of them into Majestic. Make sure to check if the backlink is worth it and relevant to your website.

If you have any questions, you can contact me on

Peace !

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