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Dave Chesson is the founder of and bestselling author of several books. He’s also the creator of kdp rocket, a software tool that helps authors find the best keywords to rank their books.

Dave Chesson started his online marketing career building niche websites. He’d make money through people clicking on advertisements on those websites and through affiliate commissions from products he would advertise on the site.

The problem with that business model for Dave is that you don’t make much money for advertising to a small market. That’s when a lightbulb went off for Dave and he decided to write a book related to a niche website that he created. He funneled the traffic from its website over to his book on the subject and created a steady stream of income from KDP and has never looked back.

In our conversation we talked about Search Engine Optimization, How to Sell More Books on Amazon, and KDP Rocket his Amazon keyword research tool. Here are the highlights.


There are two basic things you need to do to optimize your website for Google.

1. You have to index the site so Google knows that your website exists. You also want to make sure that Google knows what your website is about so that it can place your website in the appropriate search results. You do this by using relevant keywords and meta description to clue Google in to what your website is about.

2. The next thing you want to do is make your website an authority on the topic your website is about. You do this by creating back links from different websites to your website with the appropriate anchor text.

Anchor text is the clickable text on any website. So when there’s a link to The Kindle Publishing Bible “The Kindle Publishing Bible” is the anchor text.


The same basic steps apply to ranking your book on Amazon.

1. First you have to index your book. You do this by publishing it on Amazon, placing it in the appropriate category, and using Amazon keywords related to the topic of your book. You’ll also want to use keywords on your Amazon product page.

2. Next, you want Amazon to see your book as the authority on the topic or in your genre. Amazon sees your book as an authority when people buy it. Amazon wants to make as much money as possible, so books that sell more copies are going to appear higher in search results.

The way to make sure that your book stays high Amazon search results is to push targeted external traffic to your Amazon page. You can do this any number of ways. Here is a short list of ways that have worked from there authors:

• Build a website on your topic. Let people know about your book on that website. Dave gets thousands of dollars in royalties each month from book sales that come from visitors to his niche websites that were built specifically to promote his books.
• Facebook ads. Many authors have found massive audiences using Facebook ads that allow you to target people who like books in your genre or on your topic.
• Amazon ads. Amazon ads are super targeted traffic. These ads appear on Amazon and anyone who clicks on them is one click away from buying your book.
• Guest posting. Guest posting on appropriate blogs allows you to link back to your Amazon book page.


There’s a right way and a wrong way to link back to your Amazon product page

The wrong way to format a link:

The right way to format a link:

Both links will take you to your product page. But the first link has tracking data which will confuse Google and Amazon’s search engines and may negatively affect how you show up in their search results. All links should point to the shorter base URL to avoid confusion.

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