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http://seo4yourwebsite.com | This video is about WordPress help with seo and keywords. If you did not know; Google has undergone a Key adjustment in the means that they look at your web page and how they rank your site. The former way was to just throw a bunch of links in the thousand at your web-page no matter whether they were applicable or not. Well those days are concluded like the previous days of the finance industry; now the google are favoring social networks and bookmarking sites. So here is the thing, most all Search engine optimisation companies still follow the old ways and the software is more outdated than a 1976 VW Bus. Granted, the VW Bus will get you where you want to go eventually, but paying on a monthly basis an using one of the big Website placement companies that pretty much do nothing except keep cashing your check with no results. We have a one hundred% validated approach to help you dominate your local Marketplace.

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