World’s 1st Video Seo/ Search Engine Optimization Software – Cuts Research by 85% … If you do any sort of video marketing, you know that just like anything else, you have to do your research. To get a mass amount of traffic to your videos, it’s all about getting people to watch it. There are 3 ways to do that…
1.Create a viral video — This is probably the hardest thing to do
2. Do pay per click ads for your you tube vids —- This costs you money and they are very strict about the videos that they accept.
3. Get your video ranked in You Tube & Google. —- I think that this is our best bet… what do you think?

Here’s the problem… There is no easy way to do the research other than to sit down, grab a cup of joe, and start to filter through keywords and then filtering through the top videos to reverse engineer them to see how they rank. THIS TAKES HOURS. BOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG If you understand anything about VSEO, There are multiple factors that you can research and come up with a good plan of action to get yourself on the first page of you tube and google. Looking at all these factors really adds up and you may be sitting there for 1-2-3-6 hours just to get a good picture.

Now, what if I told you that I could cut your research time 85%? Enter Video Shadow. Let’s quickly go through some of the features of video shadow.

You tube keyword tool- shows you exactly what people are searching for in you tube.
Shows you if there is a video in google for that search term
You Tube Keyword Analyzer — type in your keyword and see the top 50 videos and all their stats in you tube.
See the channel that the video is on and all of the other videos on that channel
See the backlinks to that video
You Tube video Analyzer- type in the url to any you tube video and see all of it’s stats.
You Tube Ranker- Type in the url and the keyword to see if and where it is ranked.

Video Shadow is very, very powerful and there isn’t any other software out there that does what Video Shadow can do for you , especially at the speed that it can do it in. I offer a full 60 day money back, no questions asked guarantee. So you can try it, put it to the test for the entire time and if it doesn’t make you money, get your videos ranked, or save you any time, then I’ll hand you your money back and wish you the best. But, if you are serious about video marketing and wanna take it to the next level, then I encourage you to take action. So again, if you’d like to give VS a try completely risk free like I said, then click the download here button on the right and I’ll look forward to sending you over a copy of Video Shadow. Have a great day!

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